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See also The Best Possible Bad Luck under BOOKS and two poems under INTERVIEWS and READINGS.


"Trying to Move On." (poem). Feed 3.5 (31 October 2022) [half-way down page].

"To Paul Celan with a Variable Key" (poem). The Lark 2.1 (April 2018).

“Violent Season” (poem). The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VI: Tennessee. Huntsville, TX: Texas Review Press (member, Texas A&M Consortium), 2013. 206-207.


“Thumbs” (poem). Willows Wept Review 12 (Summer 2011): 8.


“The Stuff of Science Fiction” (poem). Willows Wept Review 12 (Summer 2011): 9.


“Diagnosis 1972” (poem). The Healing Muse 8.1. (Fall 2008): 90-91.


“Easter Baking” (poem). Ruminate 6 (Winter 2007): 9.

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