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Serious Daring

Oxford University Press


Serious Daring: Creative Writing in Four Genres offers eleven chapters on craft elements, five mini-chapters on genres, four chapters on writing life issues, and more than seventy diverse anthology selections. It provides a flexible and rigorous introduction to creative writing and dozens of writing exercises.


"I just want to tell you what a fantastic book it is. It contains such a vibrant mix of material that isn't found in any other text. Very grateful!"

Maureen Gibbon, Bemidji State University

The Best Possible Bad Luck

Finishing Line Press


"The honesty and directness of Lisa Roney's poetry holds us, breath caught, until we reach the end of The Best Possible Bad Luck. ... Roney doesn't sweeten the news in these taut, necessary poems."

Cynthia Hogue, author of Revenance and Of Consequence


"These poems deftly take us into the process of hard-won truths--the fragility of life and its randomness, but also ever-elusive hope and transformation. The poems in this collection transform the grit and sting of experience into lasting tribute."

Jeff Daniel Marion, author of Ebbing & Flowing Springs and Letters Home


Sweet Invisible Body: Reflections on a Life with Diabetes

Henry Holt & Co.



“You’re reminded of Bobbie Ann Mason, as the story details a Southern life jolted off track but restored by gritty stamina ... Sweet Invisible Body [is] a detailed portrait of what it's like coping with life’s daily minutiae bearing a seemingly invisible onus.”

—Ian  Shapira, The Boston Globe

“Courageous, obstinate, poetic…” —Kirkus Reviews


"A significant book. . ." —Jeff Weinstein, Salon


“[L]ike such satisfying memoirs as Marya Hornbacher’s ‘Wasted’ (anorexia), Susanna Kaysen’s ‘Girl, Interrupted’ (mental illness) and Marion Wink’s ‘First Comes Love’ (tragic romance), Roney’s writing also makes this an intriguing read for those not dealing with  the disease; first and foremost a good storyteller, she neither fishes for sympathy nor puts on a fake brave front.

–Shelley Ridenour, New City Net

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