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Professional Services

If you need help with any of the project types mentioned here, I offer a powerful combination of extensive teaching and editorial experience, as well as insights as a writer, family historian, and academic advisor and curriculum developer at the university level. I've worked with writers mostly in higher education but also with high school students and adult learners. I also know how hard it can be to choose and trust someone to help, and I believe in transparency and clarity in professional relationships. Although I do not state hourly wages here—because so much depends on the details—I will always provide full information before setting out on a project with you.


I offer a full range of editorial services for creative and academic writing, including: proofreading, copyediting and line editing (basic and advanced), and substantive or developmental editing. I can also provide format, reference, footnote, continuity, and correlation editing, but I'm also willing to advise you how to do these latter steps yourself to focus your spending on aspects it would be difficult for you to swiftly master. Pricing varies depending on complexity and difficulty of material, overall length and time commitment required, and deadline pressure.


Genealogy & Family History

This is a new area for me, but I am currently building my portfolio to become a certified genealogist through the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG). I've been working on my own family history for more than a decade and recently started helping a few clients. What I already offer that many other genealogists don't is a sense of story and resources to help you manifest your own family history in meaningful ways in addition to collecting records and constructing a family tree. I can help you research your family tree, but I can also help you ghost-write your family history, edit it, self-publish it, and/or create a website (via WordPress or Wix) to showcase it for your family members near and far.

One sample of this work is the Freeman Cemetery Association website.



My background as a teacher helps me in all aspects of my editing and family history work, but I'm also available to coach individual writers about their work, their career choices, and their educational options. I have worked with countless undergraduate students as a faculty advisor, but I have also coached individual high school students and can offer referrals in the private college advising business after any student consultation. I work with individual adult writers on fiction and memoir manuscripts and can also refer writers to numerous academic and non-academic instructional resources.



I have an array of academic and commercial editorial and program development experience. I served as editor-in-chief of a national/international literary magazine for five years, as the editor and proofreader of various books, and as a proofreader for multiple alumni and commercial magazines. In addition, in my time as a faculty member, I redesigned courses and structure for our undergraduate creative writing curriculum and created a brand-new Editing and Publishing Certificate program, as well as instigating and assisting in development of a graduate-level Editing, Publishing & Curating track. I'm happy to work with English, Creative Writing, and other program and journal types to assess strengths, weaknesses, survival strategies, experiential learning options, and ways of thriving in today's educational environment.

Get in Touch

Please visit the Contact page to let me know what you need help with.

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